Although open-enrollment public courses will soon be posted on this site, CCEAC’s preferred approach is to offer customized short courses specifically adapted to the needs of organizations in the private, public or governmental sectors.

Courses can be offered in both English and French, either on-campus at the University of Ottawa or directly in your workplace.

Duration of courses vary, depending on learning needs: one-day, two-days, half-day formats, or lunch hour talks are the most popular.

Courses are offered by experience industry and government experts, professors, lawyers, government officials and other subject matter experts. Our main partner, the RCMP, will often take part in course delivery. Many of our instructors will be drawn from our extensive Expert Panel, but CCEAC also has access to a wide range of subject matter experts from across Canada and internationally.

Examples of topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Corruption - Moral, Ethical and Legal Implications
  • Staying Compliant – The Next Frontier
  • The impacts of the evolving notion of whistleblowing
  • Fundamentals of Forensic Accounting and Compliance
  • Values and Ethics in the Public Service
  • Building your Compliance Framework – for SMEs
  • Protecting yourself and your organization from bribery and corruption
  • The Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion Continuum
  • Anti-corruption Checklist in International Business Dealings
  • Fraud Schemes – Detection and Protection
  • Occupational Fraud and Anti-Fraud Controls

Certificate of Professional Development in Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption

The completion of a series of six CCEAC courses leads to a Certificate of Professional Development in Anti-Bribery and  Anti-Corruption. Holding this certificate will demonstrate to clients, boards, employees, shareholders and business partners that you and your organization are pro-active and serious in addressing corruption risks and are taking concrete steps to meet the challenges of today’s competitive business landscape.

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