Training Tools

The following are training resources that can be used to help provide basic training to employees on bribery and corruption issues. 

Training is a critical component of a robust anti-corruption compliance program. Although the following resources will provide a general overview of corruption and bribery issues, it is not meant to replace the need for companies to tailor their training to their specific needs as identified by a thorough risk assessment.

Online training

- Transparency International

  • Online training aimed at employees from any firm
  • Basic general training that uses scenarios and questionnaires
  • Also available in French

- International Chamber of Commerce

  • Online training for employees to help them resist demands for bribes
  • 10 modules developed out of the 22 RESIST scenarios
  • Also available in French

- Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre

  • Online anti-corruption training¬†
  • Focused on identifying and preventing corruption in the infrastructure sector
  • Also available in French

- United Nations Development Program

  • On-line training on the impact of corruption and international anti-corruption standards
  • Good training for general information on the international corruption problem and the anti-corruption efforts and norms
  • Also available in French

Anti-Corruption Training Materials

- International Chamber of Commerce, UN Global Compact, World Economic Forum and Transparency International

  • Training book filled with scenarios to assist employees in resisting the demand for bribes
  • General information on the issues of corruption and bribery¬†
  • Mitigating techniques for employees facing pressure to pay bribes
  • Available in multiple languages
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