Development of French Writing Skills

This two-day workshop will help students write various work-related documents that are grammatically correct and well-structured. It focuses on using complex sentences with linking words, broadening French vocabulary and assimilating details of punctuation.

Most written assignments are done on computers. Participants are invited to share their work to gain valuable feedback and discuss their problem areas.

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  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Instructor
  • Complex sentence patterns

  • Sequence of tenses

  • Use of linking words

  • Problems of agreement

  • Use of relative pronouns

  • Use of the right preposition

  • Common anglicisms

  • Rules for correct punctuation

  • Use of capital letters

  • E-mail and letter format

  • Writing tools (print and electronic)

  • More advanced students who need to further develop their French writing skills for their jobs. Participants are encouraged to have completed Fundamentals of French Writing Skills.

Johanne Blais, M.A., has a solid experience in teaching French as a second language, grammar and writing skills in a variety of institutions (universities, colleges, Crown corporations). Johanne is responsible for the program “French Writing Skills for Anglophones”. She also gives workshops on French grammar and anglicisms.

“This workshop, like the two before it, was very helpful and enriching.”

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