I AM… a leader!

We are all leaders, each in our own distinctive way! What are your natural talents and strengths, what are your challenges? Are you a visionary, a self-starter, an expert, an innovator, an analyst, a strategist, a coach, a facilitator? What other talents do you possess that complement your leadership style?

Discover your leadership style and your key talents, and learn to apply them in your workplace and within your professional network, thanks to the ReGainTM behavioural approach.

You will also learn how to identify conditions and situations that nurture your talents, and those of your colleagues and clients, and how to ask key questions that are tailored to a person’s specific profile to optimize interpersonal communication.

Discover the ideal conditions under which you can thrive as a leader.

Created by Renée Rivest in 1994, the ReGainTM method is a unique, performance-based approach that focuses on leveraging skills, developing self-mastery and fostering communication based on trust and respect.

Over the past twenty years, thousands of individuals and organizations in Canada, the United States, Europe, Africa and Latin America have benefitted from training based on this approach, which university circles in Quebec have recognized as one of the most successful methods of human resource management.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Instructor
  • Learn how to use the ReGain method to identify your leadership style, as well as your leadership strengths and areas for improvement

  • Learn about intrapreneurship: what defines an intrapreneur, how to foster an intrapreneurial mindset, what employees and employers can gain from intrapreneurship and the opportunities it creates, how intrapreneurship can solve legacy issues

  • Learn what conditions will nurture your key talents

  • Learn how and why you should seek out individuals whose talents complement yours

  • Learn how to optimize communication by building relationships based on trust and respect

  • Learn how to identify emotional maturity and the behaviours associated with it, according to an individual’s ReGain profile

  • Learn self-mastery and how to leverage your potential

  • Anyone who is tasked with seizing opportunities, generating innovative ideas, and transforming these ideas into solutions and viable projects for their organization or company
  • Project managers who want to generate buy-in for innovative projects
  • Anyone who feels called to become an intrapreneur or an entrepreneur

Isabelle Déry has transitioned from intrapreneur to entrepreneur. Following a five-year stint as Executive Manager at the HR firm of ReGain Groupe conseil, she struck out on her own and is now CEO of ID Entrepreneurship. Previously, she worked in Manitoba as a communications and marketing director in the field of economic development.

Over the past thirty five years, Isabelle has worked in the fields of communication, training, management and business coaching. She helps leaders of not-for-profit organizations, as well as entrepreneurs, hone their communication strategies and manage the various facets of communication within their organizations, such as team-building challenges, leadership development, and change management.

As a communications strategist, trainer, facilitator and speaker, she has worked with several corporations and businesses within the Francophone and Acadian communities in Canada, and with various firms in the United States. Her main areas of expertise are communication, leadership development, change management and talent management.

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