Implementing a Social Media Strategy and Measuring Results

The emphasis of social media is on the social. But we are not used to thinking of organizations as social entities. What determines good social engagement for your organization, department, or business? How can you measure the results of something so intangible? How can you make the critical distinction between a good social media strategy and one that can cause a world of grief?

Building on Social Media and Public Services – An Introduction, this interactive one-day workshop will deepen your understanding of the most popular social media platforms and introduce lesser-known tools that can be used internally to enhance your productivity. Case studies are used to illustrate the differences between strategy (the long-term plan) and selection of tactics. You will learn techniques for fine-tuning and optimizing social media and developing link-worthy content that can be shared among users. You will leave with tools to measure the effectiveness of your strengthened social engagement.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Instructor
  • Identifying clear organizational objectives for the use of social media

  • Matching social media platforms to organizational objectives

  • Educating staff on the proper use of social media and how to avoid common hazards

  • Identifying “best practice” for your context

  • Measuring effectiveness of social media and enhancing outcomes

  • Managers and senior staff involved in implementing social media in their agencies, departments, or commissions in all levels of government
  • Active users of social media seeking to enhance their skills and the effectiveness of their social media campaigns
  • Business and non-profit leaders seeking to grow (or maintain under competition) their market share using social media tools

Peter Levesque, BSocSc., M.A., is a consultant and trainer based in Ottawa. He has twenty years of experience working with governments, research institutes, and professional associations on issues of knowledge mobilization. His career has included serving as Deputy-Director of Knowledge Products and Mobilization at SSHRC, as Knowledge Exchange Specialist at CHEO, and Chair of KM at Ontario Neurotrama Foundation. He serves on several boards of non-profit organizations and is President of the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization. Peter is an experienced and sought after speaker, facilitator, and commentator on issues of education, research, knowledge, and social media.

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Implementing a Social Media Strategy and Measuring Results
October 25, 2017
9:00 - 16:00
Implementing a Social Media Strategy and Measuring Results
March 21, 2018
9:00 - 16:00

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