Managing Adversity: A Service Excellence Approach

“Why am I the one who has to deal with this?”

We can all relate to this feeling. Difficult situations come up in everyone’s workplace. Whether you’re a team leader, an analyst, or a clerk at a customer service counter, excellence in how a service is provided to an internal client (colleague) or to an external one (customer) can be a determining factor in how a business or sector performs. As customers’ needs and behaviours evolve, so too do workplace approaches to delivering excellence. Successfully managing difficult situations is a cornerstone of customer service.

How you choose to view and handle adversity plays a critical role in your professional and personal development. It can even influence your organization’s productivity and reputation.

Change is the currency of our knowledge economy, and its disruptive nature is precisely what spurs on innovation. Asking what opportunities an obstacle presents opens up new options. The ability to turn adversity against itself is a skill that can be learned and which brings value to how individuals, teams and organizations deliver customer service.

This workshop explores the role of perception, action, and will in overcoming service-based challenges.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Instructor
  • Surveying difficult situations in the client service context and deconstructing their complexity (in-person, via email, social media, etc.)

  • Reframing conflict: there are no difficult people, just difficult situations

  • Exploring and controlling the variable of perception in a communication exchange

  • Shifting the power dynamics of various interactions and highlighting communication blind spots;

  • Understanding the critical importance of goal-oriented communication;

  • Building one’s “personal brand”

  • Front-line staff dealing with customers
  • Employees providing services to internal and external clients
  • Managers and team leaders looking to positively shape organizational culture
  • Individuals interested in leadership and growth

Sonia Vani, M.A., B.Ed, B.A., leads a marketing team. She develops communication strategies and writes promotional content for a variety of platforms and for diverse institutional clients. She collaborates with a multitude of stakeholders, be they public-sector clients, business owners, or non-governmental organizations. Sonia leverages a range of emerging technologies (social & multi media) and more traditional channels. As a professional trainer, she offers workshops like “Promotional Writing” and “Managing Difficult Situations.” She has over ten years of experience as a reporter and director working for public broadcasters and private production companies.

« Voilà une formation qui aura des répercussions positives. »

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