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Corruption and Terrorism Financing – How You May be Contributing Unknowingly?

Schedule: Tuesday, April 24, 2018 (11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.)
Location: 55, Laurier Avenue East, 12th floor, room 12110

When headlines announce the horrifying devastation, harm and victimization of terrorist acts, media reports, and the people reading them, very rarely mention or connect these unconscionable acts to bribery and corruption. For most people, corruption and terrorism are too distinct and unrelated acts. The reality, however, is that corruption is at the source of terrorism and is the fuel that allows it to exist and thrive.

Ideological and cultural factors are undoubtedly triggers and motivating factors behind terrorist acts, but without funds to support the planning and execution of these acts, many would either not start or could not be sustained. Bribery and corruption fuels, facilitates and empowers those who operate in the shadows to recruit, plan, manipulate, buy weapons, and influence or buy silence or passage.

Today’s terrorist organizations operate in the same environment as organized crime groups and, indeed, sometimes collaborate in operating very sophisticated networks of agents, shell companies and other entities that hide their identities and their true purpose of financing terrorism. People, businesses and organizations who fail to conduct proper due diligence and do not have a robust anti-corruption compliance program are not only more likely to take part in a bribery scheme but are also more likely to support terrorism through illicit money flows. Every bribe paid supports and perpetuates the cycle of corruption that allows terrorism to thrive. This Lunch and Learn session will provide participants with a broad understanding of the connection between corruption and terrorism and what they need to know to prevent their organization from being connected to corruption and terrorism financing.


This event is sponsored by Barrick Gold.

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