About Us

Centre for Continuing Education

The University of Ottawa’s Centre for Continuing Education has been offering Professional Development and Specialty Programs as well as Personal Enrichment courses for over 25 years. Clients range from working professionals engaged in continuing education and career development, to members of public interested in intellectually stimulating learning opportunities.

Professional Development Workshops offer results-oriented training programs and certificates, geared to your professional needs. 

Specialty Programs are innovative and customized training programs and certificates catered to the needs of specialized audiences.

Personal Enrichment Activities are non-credited courses and are open to the general public. Designed for the pure joy of learning, these courses will nurture your passion for knowledge and let you explore the fascinating worlds of culture, history, science and society. 

Our Mandate

Impact effectiveness and performance

We are committed to offering businesses and working professionals timely learning opportunities through result-based courses and certificates that will impact organizational and personal effectiveness and performance.


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