“Corruption – It Stops With You!”

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Over $1 trillion is paid in bribes every year around the world and the costs and consequences on people, communities and countries is high and severe. From the theft and depletion of national resources, distrust of government institutions and laws, to threats to national security and undermining economic development; bribery and corruption threatens and disrupts the lives of people all over the world.

In addition to the human, social and economic costs, corruption distorts the competitive playing field for trade and commerce, adds costs, uncertainty and unpredictability in business transactions and feeds distrust, greed and unethical behaviour.

Corruption is bad for people and bad for business!

On the positive side, more aggressive enforcement action, the ever-increasing demand for greater transparency and accountability, and the global movement from civil society to push back against corruption is gaining momentum and beginning to make a difference. The constant headlines that report corrupt conduct are indicative of these changes while underlining the heavy costs of those people and industry players involved in corrupt conduct.

More and more businesses are recognizing that in today’s changing commercial landscape, being ethical and having a robust anti-corruption compliance program are factors which grant them a competitive business advantage.

Millennials – Making a difference in reducing bribery and corruption

The next generation of business leaders are emerging and they are going to play a critical role in changing today’s business culture while promoting ethical business practices and anti-corruption measures. You can start now by submitting an entry to our video contest!

Calling out any college and university students in Canada!

Do you want to make a difference, leave your mark and have your video used for anti-corruption and compliance training for private and public organizations across Canada?  Here is your chance!

Please submit all entries by March 31, 2018 by completing the form above (top right corner).  

See contest rules & regulations for more information

Good luck!

Contest Deadline

Please submit all entries by e-mail by March 31, 2018.

See contest rules & regulations for more information

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