“The link between corruption and instability has never been clearer. In countries where corruption is rife, problems with security and terrorism are rife”. 
                                                                                                             - Transparency International

The costs and consequences of bribery and corruption go beyond financial and social costs. Whether in developing or developed countries, whenever and wherever bribery and corruption are allowed to occur and thrive, the integrity of government institutions, the financial system, democratic principles, critical infrastructures and even the safety and security of individuals are all compromised.

The high cost and consequences of bribery and corruption to businesses and communities cannot be ignored and requires active and collective efforts to address. In an era where the concepts of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and “a social license to operate” are becoming ubiquitous, more and more organizations recognize that adopting ethical governance practices and putting in place robust compliance programs are not only necessary but provide an important competitive advantage.

CCEAC assists industry, governments and other stakeholders in improving their anti-corruption compliance and protection programs, thereby reducing the financial and social costs of bribery and corruption.

Relevant and practical tools and strategies already exist that can assist industry mitigate their risks and exposure to bribery and corruption. CCEAC will develop and continuously update a database of information to allow SMEs, NGOs/charities, governmental organizations and larger corporations to identify best practices in ethical governance and develop or improve their policies and procedures.

CCEAC operates as a not-for-profit program and all the funds generated through its activities are reinvested in the program.

Recent Articles

18/05/2016 - The Panama Papers and the emergence of anti-corruption compliance, by Marc Y. Tassé, MBA, CPA, CA


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