Enrichment Mini-Courses Program

The Enrichment Mini-Courses Program (EMCP) is a unique annual event in the world of Canadian education. Since its creation in 1981, over 50,000 talented students – from grades 8 to 11 in Eastern Ontario, and Secondary II to V in Western Quebec – have been given the opportunity of exploring a field of study or area of interest in a university or college setting. These students have acquired knowledge and skills that will help them achieve academic success and stimulate their interest in pursuing post-secondary studies.

The Enrichment Mini-Courses Program (EMCP) is a school board initiative offered annually by the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, La Cité and Saint Paul University. It provides talented and high performing high school students with an enriching educational experience in university or college settings. It aims particularly at:

  • fostering the intellectual, social and personal growth of students through the discovery or exploration of a discipline or field of study;
  • encouraging students to pursue post-secondary education;
  • introducing students to the academic programs and resources offered by the region’s post-secondary institutions.

Who are the EMCP partners?

  • 12 school boards from Eastern Ontario and Western Québec regrouping close to 250 schools
  • 9 private schools/colleges
  • University of Ottawa
  • Carleton University
  • La Cité
  • Saint Paul University

When does the EMCP take place?

Annually, the first full week of May (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.). 

Who is the EMCP intended for?

Anglophone and francophone students from Grades 8 to 11 (Ontario) and Secondary II to V (Québec). Total number of students registered in the 2017 EMCP: 3,183

What is the University of Ottawa's contribution (2017):

  • 53 mini-courses offered in English
  • 42 mini-courses offered in French
  • 1,945 registered student
    • 1,114 Anglophones
    • 831 Francophones

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