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Our 2018-2019 professional development program is now available online.


A team of colleagues working on a project.
A team of colleagues working on a project.

Certificate Programs


Do you crave a deeper understanding of a subject area than a single course offers? Do you need to make sure your skills set is sharp and current and that how you work is in line with best practices?

Women's Leadership Summit 2018

The goal of this summit is to learn how and why we should empower women. Each topic will be relevant across a range of fields and will feature exceptional women leaders, many of whom are uOttawa alumni.

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February 14Strategic Communications Planning

February 14 - Effective Delegation (6 PDUs)

February 20Developing Your Negotiation Skills

February 20 - Writing for the Web

February 21Translating Research into Policy and Practice - The Next Level

February 21 - Motivating Yourself and Others (6 PDUs)

February 21Writing for Promotional Communications

February 22 - Improving Your Presentation Skills

February 22Communicating Technical Information

February 22The Basics of Business Writing

February 23 - Living Successfully Through Transition

February 26Comprehensive Project Management Basics (18 PDUs)

February 26Communicating in Government

February 26Effective Meetings

February 26Writing User-friendly Instructions

March 1 - A+ Writing

March 1Advanced Strategic Thinking

March 1I AM… a Leader 

March 2Leading Through Transition

March 2Creativity and Innovation

March 2The Art of Outlining

March 2Dealing with Difficult Behaviours

March 5Producing Results Without Authority (12 PDU's)

March 5Improving Your Presentation Skills

March 5Social Media and Public Services - An Introduction

March 5How to Write Effective Reports

March 6 - Critical Thinking: Effective Exploration of Alternative Solutions

March 6 - Knowledge Synthesis: How to Use Research Evidence in Support of Policy and Practice

March 6 -  Project Communication: Driving Integration and Boosting Results (12 PDU's)

March 7Effective Management of Project Stakeholders (6 PDU's)

March 7 Writing in Plain Language

March 7Minutes Made

March 8 Leading Teams

March 8Antidote in English: Getting the Most Out of It

March 8Advanced Negotiation Skills

March 12 Assertiveness Skills

March 12Influencing and Leadership Skills

March 12 Project Monitoring and Controlling (12 PDUs)

March 13Business Process Improvement: An Introduction (6 PDU's)

March 14 Strategic Thinking

March 15 - Foundations of Conscious and Transformational Leadership

March 15Developing Your Negotiation Skills

March 19 PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification (or Re-Certification) - 35 PDUs

March 19 - PRINCE2® for PMP® (35 PDUs)

March 19PRINCE2® Foundation (21 PDUs)

March 19Translating Research into Policy and Practice - An Introduction

March 19Fundamentals of Public Policy Development

March 20Proofreading: The Final Step in Editing

March 21Implementing a Social Media Strategy and Measuring Results

March 21Winning Government Job Competitions

March 22 - PRINCE2® Practitioner (or Re-Certification) - 14 PDUs

March 22 Time and Energy Management

March 22Effective Interpersonal Communication

March 22Supervising on a Day-to-Day Basis (12 PDUs)

March 26The Accidental Project Manager (6 PDUs)

March 26Coaching - Developing Skills for Powerful Conversations

March 26 - Career Development

March 27Comprehensive Project Management Basics (18 PDUs)

March 29 - Leading Teams II: Engaging others

March 29 Business Process Improvement for Personal Efficiency (3 PDUs)

March 29 Advanced Editing Skills

March 29Advanced Business Writing

April 4 Multiple Project Simulation (Matrix Environment) - 12 PDUs

April 18Project Governance (6 PDUs)

April 18 - Strategic Thinking

April 23Comprehensive Project Management Basics (18 PDUs)

April 26 - Analytical Thinking

April 26Requirement Gathering for Project Managers and Team Members (12 PDUs)

April 27 - Fundamentals of Mindfulness Practice in the Workplace

April 30Advanced Project Management: Focus on Scheduling (12 PDUs)

May 1 Giving Constructive Feedback

May 2 - Minutes Made

May 2 - Writing Well I

May 2 - Essentials of French Grammar

May 3Effective Interpersonal Communication

May 4 Writing Well II

May 7 Business Process Improvement: An Introduction (6 PDUs)

May 7 - Producing Results Without Authority (12 PDUs)

May 7Influencing and Leadership Skills

May 9Effective Management of Project Stakeholders (6 PDUs)

May 9 Results-based Management (12 PDUs)

May 10Applied Strategic Planning

May 11Dealing with Difficult Behaviours

May 14 Assertiveness Skills

May 14The Basics of Business Writing

May 14 - Polish Up Your French Listening and Speaking Skills

May 16The Public Sector Business Case

May 16 Strategic Thinking

May 17 Briefing Notes That Work

May 17Coaching - Developing Skills for Powerful Conversations

May 17 - Public-Private Partnerships

May 22 Improving Your Presentation Skills

May 22Influential PowerPoint Presentations

May 23 Comprehensive Project Management Basics (18 PDUs)

May 23Writing in Plain Language

May 24Achieving Focus

May 24 Developing Your Negotiation Skills

May 28 - Analytical Thinking

May 28 Building Your Chairperson Skills

May 28PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification (or Re-Certification) - 35 PDUs

May 28PRINCE2® for PMP® (35 PDUs)

May 28PRINCE2® Foundation (21 PDUs)

May 30Effective Delegation (6 PDUs)

May 30Leading Teams

May 31PRINCE2® Practitioner (or Re-Certification) - 14 PDUs

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2018 Physical and Cyber Security Conference. Readiness and Resilience in the Age of Disruption

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