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Do you crave a deeper understanding of a subject area than a single course offers? Do you need to make sure your skills set is sharp and current and that how you work is in line with best practices?

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November 20Strategic Thinking

November 20Producing Results Without Authority (12 PDUs)

November 20Briefing Notes That Work

November 21Translating Research into Policy and Practice - An Introduction

November 22Strategic Communications Planning

November 22Dealing with Difficult Behaviours

November 23Developing Your Negotiation Skills

November 24 - Giving Constructive Feedback

November 27PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification (or Re-Certification) (35 PDUs)

November 27PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification for PMP® (35 PDUs)

November 27 - PRINCE2® Foundation Training and Exam (21 PDUs)

November 27 - PRINCE2® Practitioner Training and Exam (or Re-Certification) (14 PDUs)

November 27Supervising on a Day-to-Day Basis (12 PDUs)

November 27Equip Yourself to Tackle Difficult Behaviours - A Specialized Approach

November 27Writing Well II

November 28Applied Strategic Planning

November 29Winning Government Job Competitions

November 29Project Governance (6 PDUs)

November 30Foundations of Conscious and Transformational Leadership

November 30Fundamentals of Mindfulness Practice in the Workplace

December 1Business Process Improvement: An Introduction (6 PDUs)

December 1Advanced Editing Skills

December 4Influencing and Leadership Skills

December 4 - Developing Your Negotiation Skills

December 6Knowledge Management: Monitoring and Evaluation Methods

December 6Coaching - Developing Skills for Powerful Conversations

December 8Advanced Business Writing

December 11 - Requirement Gathering for Project Managers and Team Members (12 PDUs)

December 13Improving Your Presentation Skills

December 18 - Comprehensive Project Management Basics (18 PDUs)

January 4 -  Risk Management (14 PDUs)

January 8 Critical Thinking: Effective Exploration of Alternative Solutions

January 9Implementing a Social Media Strategy and Measuring Results

January 9 Producing Results Without Authority (12 PDUs)

January 11 - Conflict Resolution: Tools and Strategies

January 11Turning Big Data Analytics into Intelligent Government

January 11Project Cost Management (12 PDUs)

January 12Strategic Thinking

January 15Human Resource Project Management (6PDUs)

January 15Leading Teams

January 15Influencing and Leadership Skills

January 15Translating Research into Policy and Practice - An Introduction

January 16 Improving Public Sector Service Through Analytics

January 17 - Effective Management of Project Stakeholders (6PDUs)

January 17Comprehensive Project Management Basics (18 PDUs)

January 17 How to Write Effective Reports

January 17Winning Government Job Competitions

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