Security and Policy Certificate of Professional Development

Security is a main driver of decision-making. The Security Policy Institute (SPI) Certificate Program prepares participants to think differently and enables them to develop organizational capacity. The SPI Certificate Program is not a canned program; it is designed to be responsive and flexible. SPI offers courses and content that have been identified as necessary and timely by end users, and continually renews its offering.

With so much information available on a wide range of security issues, and with a rapidly developing security environment, differentiating between noise and useful information can be overwhelming. Keeping ahead of the curve on how that information applies to decision-making and policy formulation is a major undertaking. Yet there is a strategic imperative for public and private organizations, large or small, to understand security considerations and opportunities. 

SPI provides access to world-class experts in a small-group context to learn about and analyze emerging security issues. Understanding how these issues affect one’s environment and how to apply these considerations enhances decision-making and leads to effective, actionable policy options.

  • Certificate Requirements
  • Key Outcomes
  • Other Information
Core Courses:
Elective Courses:

There are no core courses for this certificate. The completion of a series of any five elective courses over three years leads to a Certificate of Professional Development from the University of Ottawa.

  • Timely and relevant learning
  • Productive networking
  • Deeper understanding of underlying causes and trends
  • Powerful insight and discovery
  • Enhanced planning and decision-making abilities
  • Credibility and influence

If you have any questions regarding your enrolment in this certificate, please contact us by email at or by phone at 613-562-5802.

Need help?

If you have any questions before beginning or as you progress through the certificate, please don't hesitate to contact the Centre for Continuing Education.


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