Program Overview

Engaging decision-makers in a complex world

Security considerations are on the mind of all decision-makers in the public and private sectors, and indeed, of most citizens. The Security Policy Institute (SPI) of Professional Development is a trusted source of knowledge and learning. It fosters substantive dialogue and provides continuing education opportunities with top security policy experts from around the world. The exchange of knowledge on the most current and emerging security issues leads to actionable policy options, informed decision-making and enhanced planning for resiliency.

SPI is not a research centre or a think tank. Rather, it fills three primary roles:

Knowledge Aggregator

SPI brings together a select group of leading experts from various fields to share expertise, analysis and knowledge of emerging security issues.

Security Advisor

SPI mobilizes information and relays it to Canada's policy makers and corporate leaders, turning research and hot-off-the-press knowledge into actionable policy options and business decisions.


SPI runs a specialized certificate program for civil servants and private industry to establish shared knowledge, draw lessons from collective security experiences, and create connected professional environment that will keep the security context relevant in government and corporate sector decision-making. Delivery is via intensive short courses designed to focus on practical decision-making.

Did you Know?

The completion of a series of any five SPI courses over three years leads to a Certificate of Professional Development from the University of Ottawa. Visit our Courses page to view our current offering!

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